Welcome to Werkhof Blocks. Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of our customers. That’s because Werkhof Blocks walls vs. CHB are 3X Stronger at 2100 psi, up to 30% Cheaper and 5X Faster. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on what we have to offer.

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Build Cheaper

Up to 30% cheaper walls versus CHB. Factory machine molded, flat and straight block face. No plastering, Less Mortar, No plaster edging for doors and Windows.  30% less rebar usage. This means - less logistics, less manpower and a cleaner jobsite. No more hauling and sieving of sand to mix plaster.

Stronger yet lighter walls

Werkhof blocks are over 2100 psi strong. Therefore, only one rebar core hole needs to be filled to reinforce the stacks, the "slots" remain hollow.  Since the blocks are straight with a tongue and groove vertical joint, the blocks pile into straight walls that do not need plaster.  Up to 250 kg/ sqm lighter than 6-inch CHB walls.

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Finish the project faster

Less work = Less time. No Plastering of wall face, straight to rendering then paint.  No door and window edging plaster work,  just cut the edges straight after piling and then render and paint.  Much less material, much less handling, much less waste and debris - cleaner job site and much less labor.

Work Efficiently

The blocks are delivered to your job site packed on pallets.  This means quick unloading so that the haulers can make more trips per day.  It also eliminates double handling,  palletized blocks can be lifted and delivered directly by construction cranes from truck to the top floor.

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It’s not just about blocks,  it is about building high quality walls - stronger, straighter, flatter and much faster.  Get in touch today to learn how you can start building smarter and cheaper.

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