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Product Line

A complete building system

Whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk, you can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of your project.  Browse our product line below, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and we will help you with your project.

Operations 0003.jpg


WRK100/ WRK140

100mm and 140mm basic concrete masonry unit.  Our tongue and groove jointed block.


225 X 100 X 400mm ( 3 solid wafers/ 2 slots)

225 X 140 X 400mm ( 4 solid wafers/ 3 slots)

Sample House  0002.jpg


WCB300/ WCB250

Posts can be piled like LEGO without need of formwork. These blocks have holes for continuous vertical rebar and then filled with grout.  Each block has an imbedded tie + a tie can be added at each stack.


225 X 300 X 300mm

225 X 250 X 250mm

WERKHOF Tambuli Clubhouse 0050.jpg


WUBK600/ WUBK800

U-blocks or channel blocks are used as beams above wide openings and as capping beams.  Pre-cast with rebars at the factory, once installed continuous 12mm rebar plus ties and concrete are cast in place inside the channel are done at the job site. No more formworks strong beam over doors and windows.


225 X 140 X 600mm

225 X 140 X 800mm

WERKHOF Yau 0042.jpg


TBAR1200/ TBAR1600

Pre-cast reinforced concrete bars for use above doors and windows up to 1.4 meters wide.  No need for shoring or formwork. Just stack with adhesive above the door, tie or weld rebars, then continue block work with the header wall.  Custom sizes and formats for aircon and window combinations available on request.


112.5 X 38 X 1200mm

112.5 X 38 X 1600mm


Block Cross Section 0004.jpg

Cross section of high density Werkhof block

This is what's inside Werkhof.  The solid integral 'wall wafers' are very high density solid concrete with large aggregate and cement very well homogenized (few air bubbles).  Hammer or pound it with a sledgehammer and it will not dent like AAC.  Hard substrate for paint and finish also means more durable paint.


This high density also makes the block non-absorbent and waterproof, yet the outer walls are thin enough for a 4" diamond cutting disc to cut through into the open slots for easy electrical and plumbing work.  The top of the block is closed in order to reduce consumption of adhesive and keep slots unfilled, while the bottom of the slots are open  with a rebar groove so that the adhesive can 'key' into the slots for stronger horizontal joints and better leak resistance. 

Since the open slots are not filled with mortar, it forms an air gap.  There is less thermal bridge for heat conduction and better convection for dissipation of heat before it reaches the inside face of the wall.

The open slots in Werkhof Blocks thus serve 4 purposes:

 - Weight reduction of the block or wall.

 - Easy cutting of grooves for quick piping and MEPF embedment.

 - Reduction of heat conduction and better dissipation just like a heat sink.

 - Better sound insulation.

Cooler, quieter and more energy efficient homes.

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