Werkhof Blocks Features

Use Werkhof Blocks to build high quality and durable walls - faster than CHB!

Cooler Rooms

Werkhof Block slots are not filled with mortar.  Only the rebar core hole is filled with mortar.  Therefore, there is an "air gap" of two or three rows within the masonry wall.  This helps dissipate the heat and insulate the inner wall surface from conduction of heat from the outside face of the wall.

Build like "LEGO"

Doors and  window openings are easy - no formwork required.  Using our precast Post Blocks, U-blocks and Transom bars, lintels are also stacked on the blocks over the openings eliminating the need of formwork and waiting for lintels to cure. Header walls can then be completed on the same day.

Easy piping

Our blocks are High Density and do not easily chip or crumble, but because of the unfilled slots, it is easy to cut into the wall for embedding of pipes, switch boxes, power outlets, etc. Just cut into the outer wafer of the block with a diamond disk or pipe chaser and strike with a hammer.  No more inefficient chipping with concrete nails.

No Plaster = No Cracks or Plaster Peeling

After the wall is piled, the pipes and switches have been embedded, the doors and window openings are cut straight.  All the damage is patched and bulges are ground to within 3mm flatness. After that apply 2mm to 5mm render and paint.  Since the blocks are pre-cured and of high density, the render remains thin and has good adhesion.

Accurate and Straight Windows

Unlike CHB, AAC or softer masonry carcass' that need a solid edge patched or plastered around the opening edges for attaching windows and doors,  with Werkhof, openings are merely cut straight to the final opening dimension. No need to plaster for edging.  Just use Frame Bolts or Concrete Screws to directly install to our high density blocks.  This means higher quality, durable door  attachment, less edge chipping and no dry patch/ cold joint cracking.

5X faster than CHB

Werkhof blocks have profiled tongue and groove ends for quicker end to end alignment and straighter walls.  Thin bed tile adhesive between rows allows for straighter stacks and quicker tack times. No waiting for mortar to dry. Only one rebar core to fill, so very little mortar is used.  Therefore, much less material, much less labor and a cleaner Job site.  Straight and Flat walls are faster to paint and no corners or edges to individually plaster.

Customer Service

German technology and efficiency at work for you. Our engineers have worked out not only how to make the blocks but how to build your wall.  Our work does not stop at our door, we invest in tools like pallets to service our customers to make your project more organized and manageable. 

We will also provide hands on training on the best practices to build your walls safely, clean, plumb, straight, flat and strong so that you optimize the benefits of using the Werkhof System.  Our Staff will visit the Project in the first few weeks to follow-up and make sure that your crew is applying the correct procedure and that they are using the correct tools to make sure that the wall is built right. 

We don’t just sell blocks, We teach how to build good walls!  We partner with you to efficiently build high quality and durable  structures using our Werkhof Blocks.

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