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10 ton Live Test

This week we did a real life load test on a section of wall using our WRK100C - 100mm thick blocks.

the entire 10 tons of sand bags on a wall cross section of 100mm thick x 2400mm long. Wall was built to a height of 2700mm to simulate most common walls in real buildings.

No problem at 7 tons

Test was built with 100% of the load on the platform resting solely on the cross section of the test wall. The pipes at the four corners of the platform are run through sleeves that are bolted to the platform. The pipes are therefore free to slide down and are only there to prevent the platform from tilting.

The platform gave up at 10 tons. The lumber split after 5 minutes causing the load to fall and the wall to lean as the base mortar joint broke. No damage to wall assembly, it remains intact.

This test shows a real life test of 4.166 ton/ linear meter load bearing capacity of walls made from Werkhof Blocks.

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