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Bacolod Towers

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Building A and B of the Cebu Landmasters MesaVirre Project almost done. Werkhof blocks make a huge difference in quality of the project.

This is building A, fully enclosed and already starting to be rendered. Clearly Werkhof walls are much flatter and straighter than plastered CHB walls.

In October of 2018 we were just starting to get out of the ground on about 80% of the footprint of building A. Photo shows only portions of 2nd and 3rd floor constructed then.

Werkhof Bacolod started Manufacturing in May of 2019. Today, we are done with 15 floors of building A plus all interior walls and a few floors of exterior walls on building B. That is close to 800 condo units of masonry completed in a short 10 months of work,. Notice that walls are flat and clean "raw" - no render yet.

Better speed with superior strength and quality. By using Werkhof Blocks, we are able to have the high strength walls carry the load of the pre-cast canopies and aircon ledges.

Quality of finish is also very high and consistent. In the next photo you will find that by eliminating plaster and doing thin-set coarse base render the walls come out very flat.

This is a 2 meter long aluminum straight edges which our masons use to screed the base render resulting in 3 to 5mm thickness for a durable and very flat finish.

Please contact us for your projects, we will train your team how to work fast and with consistent quality.

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