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Built on strong blocks at a bargain

This is a 3-storey residential project in Kalunasan, Cebu on a budget. Instead of using ordinary CHB that easily crumbles resulting in high waste factor, this client has decided to purchase and use Class B Werkhof Blocks mixed with standard quality Werkhof Blocks.

Though not perfect, these are still Werkhof blocks with the same 2100psi strength, flat and consistent surface quality and wall cost economy.

During manufacturing about 0.05% of the blocks that come out of our presses will have some form of deformity caused by excess moisture in the aggregates during early morning pressing after a night of heavy rain. Sometimes, the aggregates are also too dry or the climate is so hot that there is over evaporation of moisture causing cracks or corner breaks.

Since Werkhof is committed to delivering BEST QUALITY, we exclude these blocks with mostly cosmetic defects from our regular products. The class B units are then sold at a discount.

This client has opted to save some costs in his home and opted to mix Class A and Class B blocks then just patch and fill the defects saving him as much as 40% on cost of walls.

To save time and speed up completion, this project has also opted to use Werkhof precast lintel bars for his windows and doors.

Ready to skimcoat, no plastering.

So despite the cosmetic defects, illustrated in this project Werkhof is very efficient and economical. If these were low quality CHB that crumbles to touch your build would be seeing as much as 20% of your money as debris on the floor. With Werkhof you get to use almost every last bit of the block.

START SAVING! Use Werkhof Blocks on your project.

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